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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Carlocab.com review.

I went on carlocab.com about a month ago by the most pure randomness of things. I think it's because of the contact section of MyBlogLog but I cannot be 100% sure. At first look I noticed the title ''make money online with a 13-year old''.

Wish I started blogging at 13. Oh yeah, when I was 13, the fastest modem was 300 BPS. And the only thing looking like the internet were the BBS. (bulletin board system) We even were restricted to local BBS to avoid the long distance fees with our phone modems. Oh it wasn't that much of a golden age!

You can also review his blog like I am doing here and earn a linkback.

Then I started reading his posts. First of all, I am not a HTML, SEO, affiliate programs or internet expert at all. So basically a 13-year old can know more than me on those subjects. And this kid does know more than me.

The good: In the posts I read, he manages to break the information down so that even me can get a tip or two. Even newbies can build from the ground up from reading his blog, he also covers a nice range of subjects. I read him a few times a week. His site is also a clean white font, easy on the eyes.

The only bad thing that I personally dislike is the ads positions directly inside the post itself. John Chow has the same kind of ads, but he is so evil. I hope you won't turn as evil as this man. But I guess it earns pretty good cash this way... :)

Pretty good piece of work developping there. A lot of potential in that 13-year old kid blog!
On a scale of 0 and 10, 8.25/10.

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