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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April ramblings.

This month has kicked off very fast and I will only take a few lines for this april rambling.

Let's count this post as a blog update, state of the union and/or general announcement. In just a few hours Overtime! will reach the 2000 unique visitor mark for 2007. Thank you 2000 times!

I extended a bit the borders of this blog lately as I reviewed websites and even posted about an online sport game that I play. I even created a blog for my hattrick team just for the kicks. So sometimes as a software user I could slip a few software-related posts on stuff I use. Of course they must be mainly sport related to make it up here as regular post.

I also started sport-by-section links. Every sport comment I make will be available sport-by-sport thru those links. There are two sections available right now and I will create some more as posts will be created.

A tennis section is almost up and ready.

Some few entertainment related stories will be inserted when judged of interest. I will always keep the blog sport related. I only wish to add some entertainment related topics that could interest the readers in here. Sometimes the line between sports and entertainment is a pretty fine line. Take the Rock as a best known example of late. One day he's a wrestler and the next day he's an actor. Jacques Villeneuve even launched a solo album... but it stunk bad. :)

I am also brewing a small contest for you. I will tell about it in a few weeks.
Thank you 2000 times again!


Blogger stratz said...

nice work on hitting 2k when yo hit it.

2:36 AM  

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