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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2007 Masters: A 2-man race?

This week will be presented one of the most popular golf tournament on the planet. The Masters from the Augusta national in Georgia. During the practice round today, a lot of attention from the press was devoted to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson of course. Tiger is, along with Phil Michelson the two commonly predicted by the majority of fans and connaisseurs to be head-to-head in the final duo on day 4 of the Masters this sunday.

This is a bit unfair for the other players. Close to a hundred of the best golf players will be disputing the major event. Some in there like Mike Weir who has won the Masters once, Sergio Garcia and Ernie Els will be in the field. Each and every player is dreaming of wearing the green vest given to the champion someday. Be assured that each and every one of them will try to play their best four rounds possible. I think that this will be a bit more than a 2-man race. It can easily be a group race going in round four.

Here are the recent winners of The Masters.
Woods 2001, 2002, 2005.
Weir 2003.
Michelson 2004, 2006.

I agree that Tiger Woods will probably be there in the final duo. But not so sure about the identity of the 2nd player besides him. Mickelson could trip on the difficult course also, he's human after all. Could easily be another player having a hell of a week. Don't count out all of the 95 others so fast!



Blogger stratz said...

Hey how was your stats compared to mine? close more less? Did the mention on john chow help you at all? being atteh top of his site righ now is helping a lot. I am just watching the people on my homestead conter come over to the www.ourblogreview.com site as we speak.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

All it did to me is give me 2 days over 100 hits. Baybe a few boookmarks along them.

I am not using a lot of his evil techniques. I still read around, there is some real good bloggers coming. John Chow said goodbye once he tought he sold his main business. So don't count him as a regular blogger for the next 5 years.

I might be wrong as he can change his mind over and over again and still kick *ss.

5:09 PM  
Blogger stratz said...

I though It was an april fools joke. I think he said it was afterwards. I read some of the comments and it looks like he got a lot of people. WHo walks away from an 8k a month and growing business for 2-4 hours a day??? I wouldn't

6:45 PM  

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