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Monday, April 02, 2007

Vince McMahon's new haircut.

Yesterday was the big wrestling fan night with the presentation of Wrestlemania 23. Among the major main event matches, the Vince McMahon and Donald Trump ''hair vs hair'' challenge ended with some spring cleaning on McMahon's head. The chairman of the board's head has been shaved, as many of the WWE fans wished deeply and predicted. This is what Vincent Kennedy McMahon looks like now as a bald man. Heheheeeee.

Also during the evening, Melina has kept her Womens title over Playboy cover girl Ashley. WWE champion John Cena can still claim that: ''The champ is here!'' as he held on to the WWE Championship over HBK.

A new money in the bank priviledge was disputed between 8 superstars in a ladder match. Orton, Edge, Flair and the others could not prevent Mr. Kennedy from grabbing the suitcase containing a guaranteed WWE title shot.

Mr. Kennedy has now a title shot whenever he wants to. A very interesting twist in the heel's future angles. His microphone presences are very good in general, he usually get loud responses from the crowd. Could he be the next John Cena serious challenge? He would fit in perfectly in the RAW roster in my opinion.

Also The Undertaker stunned me and defeated Batista for the the WWE Heavyweight championship. The Undertaker is still undefeated (15-0) at Wrestlemania. His hall of fame career is recognized with another WWE title reign. I am a bit stunned by such a result. I tought Batista had what it takes to defeat the man from Death Valley on Wrestlemania 23. I suspect some possible personnel movement between RAW and Smackdown in the next few weeks/months after this year's Wrestlemania edition.

To be continued.



Anonymous Mr. Kupy said...

kennedy's will definitely go for cena's championship hehe

6:35 AM  

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