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Monday, April 02, 2007

Lou Lamoriello strikes again!

The New-Jersey Devils have fired their head coach, Claude Julien today. Another pure Lou Lamoriello crazy move only one week before the conclusion of the regular season. This is not the first time that Lamoriello acts like this. In 2000, Lamoriello fired head coach Robbie Ftorek and replaced him by Larry Robinson only eight games before the start of the playoffs. The Devils have won the Stanley cup despite such a critical move in 2000.

This time it's Claude Julien that is fired only one week before the start of the playoffs. Julien had a respectable season going, I ignore the reasons Lamoriello declared about this firing at this moment. I read a comment made by a hockey fan on a sport forum suggesting that Lamoriello is a grinch and didn't want to pay for performance bonuses on Claude Julien's contract that were to be accomplished and were to be paid by the Devils. Not a totally crazy comment. The question should be asked to Lamoriello himself.

Lou Lamoriello could be the coach himself, he already coached the Devils after firing his head coach. The Devils have clinched a playoff spot already, so they basically have a week to get ready.

One thing is sure... Lou Lamoriello is one sneaky General Manager!



Blogger achengy said...

This should blowup in Lou's face. Terrible move.

6:41 PM  

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