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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Toyota TF108.

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Toyota preseted last thursday january 10th in Cologne, Germany, the evolution of the TF107 to be used by the 2008 Toyota Formula One team.

The TF108 clearly shows improovement on the aerodynamics side. The finer lines all around this new version are obvious to the naked eye. The technical department manager of Toyota, Pascal Vasselon, said during the press conference that the aerodynamic conception of the TF108 is totally different fron the last year’s version of the car. The entire package is said to be improoved.

The philosophy at the conception stage of the TF108 was to bring the whole package to a higher level. Not just the aerodynamics. The car will also have a bit more overall balance in the corners because the distance between the front wheels and the rear wheels has been increased according to Vasselon.

Then, asked about the Toyota team objectives for 2008, Pascal Vesselon answered that Toyota hopes to have a shot at a podium finish on a majority of the races for next season. A very optimistic goal to reach in my personnal opinion. With the Ferraris and McLarens fighting for supremacy, it will be difficult for anyone to grab a regular slice of the podium in 2008.

Now, as for the colors of the TF108, the same mix of red and white will form the main color design, just as the last few seasons.

Once again, both the front and rear wings show new shapes compared to the last version, the TF107. Just as the majority of the teams estimated that the biggest improovements were to be on the aerodynamics, Toyota clearly worked in the same direction.

The engine is amazingly compact and is almost forming a perfect cube shape. Toyota is not relying on anyone to conceive new versions of an engine, they do all the work themselves. Last year, their engine was as good as the middle of the pack and no special comment has been made about the engine.

(Pictures: Toyota TF108, Toyota.)



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