Overtime!: Alexander Ovechkin hits the jackpot.
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Alexander Ovechkin hits the jackpot.

The Washington Capitals silenced all the rumors about an eventual trade by signing a contract with their young 22-years old star player Alexander Ovechkin. Both parties agreed to a 13 year/$124 Millions deal.

The contract will expire after the 2020-2021 season. Ovechkin will be 35 years old at the end of the deal.

With such a contract, the Capitals send a message to their fans: We will not move the franchise anywhere and we will try to rebuild the franchise around Ovechkin. Some rumors about the departure of the team from Washington were circulating but are now cutted short. This contract is a strong commitment to the Washington fans who should come back to the Capitals games according to the team ownership.

The contract represents the biggest amount of money awarded to a NHL player in a single contract. The Capitals owner, Ted Leonsis, said that he likes to take risks. And when came the time to sign a long deal, Ovechkin was worth it in Leonsis' mind.

Alexander Ovechkin is glad to stay in Washington. He likes the city, likes the team and the fans.The long deal confirms the trend in the NHL. The average contract duration has been increasing since the end of the last work stoppage in 2004.

So to all of you fans who were dreaming that your favorite team was to be signing Ovechkin after the currect season: Forget it!

(Picture: Alexander Ovechkin.)



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