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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ferrari F2008.

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Ferrari presented the new evolution of their F1 race car last sunday january 6th. The F2008 will be once again the primary opponent of the McLarens in 2008.

The 2007 drivers champion Kimi Raikkonen and his teammate Felipe Massa are fine tuning their new evolved version of the car. This year, according to the boss, Luca di Montezemolo, the third pilot will be the ex-scuderia pilot and ex-world champion, Michael Schumacher himself.

Last season, because of the fine and penalty imposed to McLaren for espionnage, Ferrari has won the constructors championship last season. The F2008 will have the heavy task to defend the Scuderia championship.

But we will keep those stories for the 2008 season unfolding itself. Instead we will admire this multi-million dollar red race car. The wing shapes of the F2008 shows some more modifications. As we all know, the aerodynamic part of racing is crucial and the wings is the first thing that attracts the eye.

Each and every year, we see innovative attempts on the wings and the chassis helping increase the performances of the cars. Each and every year, the top teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Renault invest more money on this car than we could possibly spend in our entire lifetime. Driving those technologically advanced machines must be an amazing experience itself.

And how about the steering wheel itself. A video gamer's dream. Nothing less than 20 buttons are available and many of those are adjustment buttons at the center of the wheel. The driver not only have to steer his car at speeds of over 300km/h, he also has to push the right buttons while racing on the track.

Don't slip and push the reverse button on the stretch!

I cannot wait to hear the engines scream on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit at Ile Notre-Dame.

(Pictures: Ferrari F2008, Ferrari.)



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