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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jean Pascal: still undefeated but...

Yesterday evening in Hollywood Florida, two of the top ranked super-middleweight were fighting on the same card.

Jean Pascal
(21-0) from Montreal was fighting Omar Pittman (15-5). The bout was followed by a fight between Edison Miranda (30-2) and David Banks (15-4-1).

Jean Pascal and Edison Miranda have built up a huge rivalry over the course of the last year. The rivalry gained in intensity this month as Pascal made fun of the Columbian origins of Miranda and the Columbians' struggle with poverty. A declaration that struck right at the heart of Miranda and fueled his hate and desire to fight Jean Pascal a little more. Just as if it wasn't enough already.

Pascal stepped into the ring with Omar Pittman first. This was Pascal's first fight outside of Canada and a chance to showcase his abilities on the american television network. Jean Pascal did well early on and dominated the first six rounds of the scheduled ten. Pittman visited the canvas during round two, but managed to stay in the fight.

At the 7th round, the fight took a turn for the worse for Pascal. Once again, he started to go light with his right arm, protecting his reluctant shoulder injury. Also, a lack of focus and intensity happened at the same round as Pascal's last bout against Brian Norman. A left hook from Omar Pittman stunned the Montrealer who had to retreat to the outside.

Then the 8th round was the best round of the fight for Pittman. On a charge late in the round, he forced Jean Pascal in the ropes and pounded him with a barrage of shots. Pittman tested his opponent chin and stamina but Pascal was saved by the bell.

The fight went on to the limit of ten rounds. The three judges scorecards showed 98-91, 98-91 and 97-92 all in favor of Jean Pascal, the winner by unanimous decision and still undefeated in his pro career.

Edison Miranda followed the Pascal-Pittman bout with a flawless performance. David Banks did not last very long as Miranda sent him into neverland during round 3 with a crushing right hand to the head. The knockout happened while Jean Pascal was giving an interview to ESPN around the ring. Pascal approached the ring and some more trash talk was exchanged between the two boxers.

Miranda said that he will KO Jean Pascal when they will face each other in the ring and said that he was ready to do it right after his fight. There is no doubt that Edison Miranda wants Jean Pascal really bad. A fight this summer between those two is forecasted for the month of june.

Pascal will need to elevate his game if he ever hopes to defeat an angry Edison Miranda this summer. Trash talking is fine, but Pascal should make sure that he's able to back up the words.

(Picture: Jean Pascal.)



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