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Monday, January 14, 2008

Discover Yawpbox.com

The entertainment industry is in constant evolution. Every year, we see more different approaches to revolutionize the entertainment business. YawpBox is a brand new way accessible to everyday ordinary people who want to display their talent or any other funny and entertaining piece of video.

So what is Yawpbox all about? In short, it is a website where users who create their own pieces of video have an opportunity to upload it on the site and gather votes to see their work broadcasted on television. The users have two options available for them: First, to create their own original content OR take on the Lex & Terry challenge.

The Lex & Terry challenge consists in fixed topics or challenges sent out to the users. The most entertaining ones will be selected and broadcasted on the Yawpbox TV show.

A few example of some challenges sent to the users of Yawpbox: ''Reenact a favorite movie scene and show us.'', ''The cross dress challenge.'' or ''Make a commercial and let us have a look.''

One of my favorite piece is a movie reenactment sent on Yawpbox from user garyhooker. His take on the blockbuster movie ''A few good mens'' featuring Tom Cruise was renamed ''A few good expenses''. The amateur actor replaces Jack Nicholson and is giving the reply to Tom Cruise's questions. A funny, entertaining and quality piece of acting.

So get your camera rolling and take on the Lex & Terry challenge. Maybe we will be seeing you and your piece of work on TV shortly.


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