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Sunday, December 02, 2007

On the cruise control again.

The Montreal Canadiens were giving a very ordinary performance inside their own building against the red hot Nashville Predators yesterday evening but were fortunate enough to lead by the score of 4-1 late in the third period.

But once again, the players decided to take the rest of the night off and pushed the cruise control button. The Predators came back gradually by scoring 3 goals during the last 8 minutes of the game, tying the game at 4-4. Radek Bonk, scoring his 10th of the season with under a minute to go during a power play intensified the booing crowd level. The game went thru a scoreless overtime. The Preds finally pulled off the comeback during the shootout session.

The disappointed fans went out of the Bell centre still booing, sick of what they have just seen. Everybody knew that the Predators were in a great streak. They defeated the Sens in a crazy game just a few hours earlier. To take them lightly even leading by three goals was really foolish.
For the Habs fans, this is without any doubt the toughest loss to swallow this season.

So after seeing such a pityful performance, I am now officially campaining for a fire sale among the Montreal Canadiens. And here is the list of those who have to go:

BOB GAINEY (General Manager) : Hello? Bob?

SAKU KOIVU: The team captain is not the player he used to be. He can still give a few good performances here and there but it is definatly insufficient. I would've traded him years ago already anyway but now I cannot take more of this.

MICHAEL RYDER: The worse 30 goal/season scorer in the history of the NHL is driving me nuts since a long time already. Yesterday's game was a vintage Michael Ryder type of game. Every scoring opportunity ended with a shot ringing in the glass or into the backboards. I cannot take any more. His rightful place is into the bleachers until a trade.

TOM KOSTOPOULOS and BRYAN SMOLINSKI: Those two players are in because of some Bob Gainey summer brainfreezes. They drag the team into mediocrity. The Habs should release them on the waivers or buy back their contracts if nobody wants them. They both are slow and useless.

JEFF GORGES: This is really the Habs worse defensemen in the lineup. They should either trade him, waiver him or send him into the AHL. He will never be of any use to the club.

All of those players need to go for the Canadiens. They will never make it as long as those stick around.

Some new blood coming the farm team in Hamilton should've been Bob Gainey's way to keep the habs rolling after a nice start. Maxim Lapierre and Sergei Kostitsyn are sure as equal as Kostopoulos and Smolinski. While Ryan O'Byrne could easily make us forget Jeff Gorges. He showed us his physical side during camp and pre-season games.

So let the fire sale begin.



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