Overtime!: Sean Taylor dies at 24.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sean Taylor dies at 24.

The Washington Redskins free safety Sean Taylor passed away at the age of 24 yesterday at the Jackson Memorial hospital after being shot in a leg during a home invasion on monday.

An intruder, who is still at large, invaded Taylor's home and shot Taylor in a leg damaging the very important femoral artery. Taylor have lost an important quantity of blood and was transported to the hospital where the medical personnel tried to stabilize their patient.

Taylor passed away yesterday morning and was said to have never regained conciousness after his arrival at the hospital.

Sean Taylor was at his 4th NFL season after playing his college football with the Miami University. The Redskins will honor Taylor by displaying his number 21 outside the stadium and on his teammates helmets this weekend. Head coach Joe Gibbs said that he never faced such a situation before and said that he ignored how they will go thru the situation. But one thing is sure, they will try to find a collective way to carry on.

The Redskins will face the Buffalo Bills on sunday. Our sincere condoleances goes to the Taylor family.

(Picture: Sean Taylor, Getty images.)



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