Overtime!: Another loss in New-Jersey.
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another loss in New-Jersey.

The Montreal Canadiens have won only 1 game in New-Jersey since 1993 and yesterday wasn't any different from the last 26 games they played in New-Jersey. The Devils shutted the Habs down 4-0.

Zach Parise scored 3 goals, a goal during each period of yesterday's game to give goaltender Martin Brodeur enough room to work with. Brodeur stopped everything the Habs threw at him and registered yet another shutout.

The Habs are now clearly in a slide. The coaching staff and the general manager Bob Gainey has to adress the team's problems to score goals while playing five on five hockey. The players seem to only wait for man advantages to start playing. A very bad habit.

Something has to be done. The Habs should either call up some players from their farm team or complete a trade to move out of their slump. Montreal is probably one of the worse team at the center position. If nothing changes, the Habs will not make the playoffs come the month of april.

(Picture: Martin Brodeur, Canadian Press.)



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