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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I watched Raw yesterday evening as it was from DatchForum in Milan, Italy. I wasn't expecting anything big in the storylines as Wrestlemania 23 was just 2 weeks ago and that the WWE usually save title changes for pay-per-view shows or some big Raw shows in america.

But yesterday for a change, there was a title that changed hands. The intercontinental champion Umaga entered in the ring with Vince McMahon who called out for anyone who wanted a piece of the 425 pounds monster. As nobody showed up, Mr McMahon sweetened the deal by putting Umaga's title on the line. Still no challengers. Vince McMahon then started looking in the crowd asking them if someone in Italy wanted to step in the ring. Someone caught Vince's attention in a corner, a man in a brown shirt raising his hand, saying that he wanted in. Vince asked him to get in and asked for his name. Santino Marella from Calabria. Who is Santino Marella? Well 24 hours ago I didn't know him either.

For Santino Marella it was now a big Raw show, he was in the ring with a monster. So there it is, our brave man taking off his shirt exchanging a few blows with the champion, dodging a few and even hitting the champion once more. Mr McMahon immediatly paused the fight (giving a break to the dazed champion) to add that he forgot to say that this is a no holds barred match, that everything goes, to make sure that this beating will end Umaga's way. Umaga then immediatly took advantage and started pounding on poor Santino Marella.

At this point I tought that this was another classical case of ''local gets beated up for 5 minutes'' kind of gig. Heck, they were in Italy for the very first time in Raw history. Why not give this guy some ring time. But Mr McMahon didn't expect his no holds barred rule was about to turn this match around. Bobby Lashley came flying in the ring, blocked McMahon's chair and hitted Umaga on the head with it... Whack!, once, Blam!, twice, Pow!, a third time. Bobby Lashley speared the champion down, picked up and dragged Santino Marella on top of the champion for the 3-count!

Ladies and gentlemens, here is your winner and NEW intercontinental champion! Santinooo Marellaaa! The crowd went just crazy. A new hometown hero has just been named champion.

Pictures: WWE.com



Blogger achengy said...

There's not much on Santino Morella but real name is Anthony Carelli. He was the guy known to have gotten Jim Cornette fired from OVW.

6:30 PM  

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