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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Playoff hockey on a saturday afternoon?

Oh great, this will get me started. I haven't had a rant in here in a few weeks but this is just too much. I cannot hold it down... I have to get this off my system right now.

First of all, today four playoff series are scheduled to go in the NHL on this beautiful saturday of april.

New-York Rangers vs Atlanta Trashers (Rangers lead the series 1-0) 3:00 PM
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators (Ottawa lead the series 1-0) 3:00 PM
New-York Islanders vs Buffalo Sabres (Buffalo lead the series 1-0) 7:00 PM
Tampa Bay Lightning vs New-Jersey Devils (N-J lead the series 1-0) 7:00 PM

Note that the first two series are scheduled to go today at 3:00 PM eastern time. I cannot remember a single time in my entire life seeing playoff hockey on a saturday afternoon. On a sunday I do recall watching some afternoon playoff games. But on a saturday? What the???

I really think that Gary Bettman and his version of the NHL is poorly managed. What happened to hockey since he polluted the league with his presence: 2 work stoppages, moved Winnipeg to Phoenix, moved Quebec to Colorado, moved Hartford to Raleigh, moved Minnesota to Dallas then reopens Minnesota a few years later (lol), added a referee on the ice and his latest: saturday afternoon playoff hockey! It is limpid that even after over a decade of managing the NHL, Gary Bettman still doesn't have a clue of what hockey really is. I am curious to see what will be the attendance at the Phillips arena in Atlanta this afternoon. Don't be surprised if you see empty seats in Atlanta. My guess is that the Ottawa building will be sold out this afternoon but only because it is in Canada...

Hockey has been played on evening for almost a century, especially on a saturday! So what is it with those saturday afternoon games? What next? 9:00 AM game 7? It is known that hockey already has problems selling out tickets in the United States and Bettman isn't helping things out with his saturday afternoon playoff games.

Somebody fire Gary Bettman already. (End of ranting session)



Anonymous Lisa said...

Hey, try living in Chicago. We can't even see the Blackhawks play!

7:02 PM  

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