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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NHL 2007 playoffs: New-Jersey-Tampa Bay

The New-Jersey Devils finished 2nd of the Eastern conference. The team will go as far as their goaltender Martin Brodeur will take them. Brodeur is the major part of this franchise success over the last 15 years. The Devils won the Stanley cup 3 times with Brodeur between the pipes. This season the Devils goaltender broke Bernard Parent's record for most wins in a single season. Should Martin Brodeur break down during this series, the team has no chance to go goal for goal with Tampa's offensive firepower.

The Tampa Bay Lightning is the total opposite of their opponent. They have a great attack but really could use a great goaltender. Marc Denis and Johan Holmqvist have a combined goal against average of 3.11. On the good side of things, Vincent Lecavalier has completed the best season of his career scoring 52 goals this season, 56 assists for 108 points total and has won the Maurice Richard trophy awarded to the player with the most goals during the regular season. His linemate Martin St-Louis scored 43 goals, 59 assists for 102 points. Both Lecavalier and St-Louis were the main reason of Tampa Bay's 2004 Stanley cup conquest.

As much as I would like to see Lecavalier and St-Louis advance to the second round, I think that the goaltenders will be the difference in this series. Brodeur will outplay Tampa's goalies as the Devils should eliminate the Lightning in 6 games.



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