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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alonso and McLaren are alive!

The double champion Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Mercedes) has won the Sepang, Malaysia Grand Prix, round two of the seventeen 2007 F1 races. McLaren gets their first win of the season and answers Ferrari's dominating Australian performance. Lewis Hamilton finished in second place. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari's placed third. The battle between the two teams looks like it be well disputed until the very end.

A really spectacular start from both McLaren cars placed them 1st and 2nd the moment the red lights were extinguished. Both McLaren cars kept their positions and raked the maximum amount of points allowed for the team constructors competition. Raikkonen managed his race the best he could and placed third. The other Ferrari, finished 5th. Felipe Massa had the worse start among the leaders and loss all of his pole advantage.

The season is very well under way: both Ferrari and McLaren has claimed a win. I have found this race more entertaining than the usual average F1 race. There was some action and position changes on the track, the positions at the end resulted of what happened on the track as pit strategies were similar from each team and wasn't a big factor. Round three of the 2007 F1 season is coming next weekend.

Sepang, Malaysia race standings:
Winner: Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Mercedes)
2- Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes)
3- Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
4- Nick Heidfeld (BMW-Sauber)
5- Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
6- Giancarlo Fisichella (Renault)

Drivers championship after 2 races:
1- Fernando Alonso 18 points
2- Kimi Raikkonen 16 points
3- Lewis Hamilton 14 points
4- Nick Heidfeld 10 points
T5- Fisichella-Massa 7 points

Constructors championship:
1-McLaren 32 points
2-Ferrari 23 points
3-Sauber BMW 10 points



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