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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt.

Yes, you have read this correctly, PayPerPost's blog is attempting to break the world record for the biggest human chain of 25 words or more comments on a blog. All you have to do is logon to PayPerPost's blog and write a 25 words minimum comment and you will also be a part of that world record attempt.

I don't know if this record attempt is due to a lack of sleep, a temporary mental illness or just boredom from Ted Murphy but it sure is another crazy idea from PayPerPost's CEO. Maybe he is picturing himself on the cover of the Guiness book of records, who knows...

If you like the idea and want to participate, because the attempt is already underway, just logon to the blog and leave your 25 word comment. This is it, nothing else is required from you.

The record is not homologated at the moment in the book of records and some people are looking to find out how many responses would be needed to be sure the record has been broken.
So basically they are creating a new record from scratch.

I was amused when I saw the thread on their blog, and smiled even more when I saw the opportunity opened on the PayPerPost's website for us to blog about it. Heck, here I am at 5:45AM, back from a painful nightshift, blogging about some crazy idea and I am getting paid to do so. How funny is that?

So there it is, vivit PayPerPost's blog and participate in the biggest comment chain ever on a blog!


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