Overtime!: I have spent 5 697 904$ this week!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have spent 5 697 904$ this week!

My Hattrick franchise has made it's needed reconstruction and rejuvenation moves. During the course of the current week the acquisition of two players, a midfielder and a defensemen, costed $5 697 904. Lucky enough the second player I bought was a canadian player, giving me a break salary-wise. Every foreign player owned by a franchise has a 20% salary bonus that has to be paid.

I have been planning such a costly move two season ago. In fact, it costed me a bit less that I expected. I was saving the money I was making since two full seasons, collecting the attendances profits week after week without improoving my team.

From now on, my team will be a seller. Three players could be gone before this current season is over. All I have to do is wait for the best time to sell each player to get the most I can for them... I created a blog for my franchise just for fun a month ago. My franchise blog: The Raiderz.

I've had hours of fun playing Hattrick over the years. Wish I had as much money as my organization has... ;)



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