Overtime!: The NFL season opens today.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The NFL season opens today.

After a long wait, as usual, we are now at opening day of this brand new NFL regular season.

The defending champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will try to defend their title. A title that was won over the surprizing Arizona Cardinals in a dramatic fashion. A memorable performance by both teams.

But today, a new chapter will be written. This season will be crucial for many teams and many players. Who will rise up and claim the Vince Lombardi trophy in early 2010?

As for Brett Favre, he has decided to come out of retirement once again and will play with the Minnesota Vikings this season. An intense rivalry with his former team, the Green Bay Packers is expected.

Michael Vick is also another story to watch. After serving his time for running illegal dog fights on his property, the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback should see some action this year. What will be the fans reaction around the league when Vick will step on the field?

This and a lot more stories are on tap for this new NFL season. Have a good one dear NFL fans.

(Picture: The Steelers and the Vince Lombardy trophy.)

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