Overtime!: 2009 GP3R: Andrew Ranger wins for a second time.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 GP3R: Andrew Ranger wins for a second time.

The main event of this 2009 Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres was exciting from start to finish. At the end, Andrew Ranger crossed the finish line in first place and won for a second year in a row in Trois-Rivieres.

The fans gathered around the circuit were in for an exciting event as Alexandre Tagliani, Andrew Ranger and Jacques Villeneuve were respectively starting for the pole, third and fifth place.

After exchanging the lead with pole sitter Alexandre Tagliani during the first half of the event, Ranger saw Tagliani's engine fail at the exit of turn three of lap 18 and took the lead until the end of the race. Some serious pressure at the end of the race came from the car No. 95 driven by the young Anthony Simone who finished in second place. DJ Kennington finished in third place.

Andrew Ranger extended his lead atop of the NASCAR Canada championship. His closest opponent, Scott Steckley retired himself from the race when his transmission failed on lap 12.

As for Jacques Villeneuve, he wasn't able to follow the pace set by the leaders and settled for a fourth place finish. His car wasn't competitive during the restarts and forced the former Formula One champion to protect his position.

Congratulations Andrew for your second win in a row at Trois-Rivieres.

(Pictures: Andrew Ranger, Overtime!)

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