Overtime!: Death of Arturo Gatti: Brazilian police concludes to a suicide.
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Death of Arturo Gatti: Brazilian police concludes to a suicide.

The life and times of Arturo Gatti were memorable. The story surrounding his death will also be memorable as new elements of this intruguing affair were discovered in the last hours.

First of all, the most shocking news came from the Brazilian police conclusions. According to them, Arturo Gatti commited suicide by hanging himself with a purse strap. Some clear evidence on the walls are said tobe enough to conclude to a suicide according to the local police and coroner.

His wife, Amanda Rodrigues, was the primary suspect a few hours after the events, was taken in and interrogated but was released only a few hours ago by the Brazilian authorities.

The Gatti family and entourage is scandalized by the police conclusions. Nobody inside the circle of Arturo Gatti believes that the former champion would ever go down this road. Some family members even claimed that the police is wrongly protecting a Brazilian citizen from serious charges.

On a brighter side, a second autopsy will be performed in Montreal tomorrow to try to gather more details.

The Canadian Government, more specifically Minister Lawrence Cannon, asked the Brazilian authorities and coroner to give more specific details in order to sort this story out. Some clear proof that Gatti committed suicide were vaguely allegated, enough to rise suspicions on the police conclusions. Those proofs are what the Canadian authorities are looking to validate.

The re-opening of this case is imminent. The mystery fog is still very thick, twenty days after Arturo Gatti's death. I personally can't believe the police conclusions at all.

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