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Friday, August 15, 2008

One week without a podium.

The 2008 Olympics are now halfway over and Canada is still looking for a first medal. The expectations were to finish in the top 16 but it seems that the objective is impossible to achieve for the country.

Despite having problems finding a rythm, some of our athletes offered their best performance in career. For example, Mike Brown registered a new Canadian record at the 200m breast stroke but finished in fourth position. Only a mere 9/100th of a second from a bronze medal.

The Canadian delegation is not pushing on the panic button just yet. Historically, the better performances for the country are coming during the second week of the Olympics. It will not be different in this edition because we still have to see the best from the Canadian athletes.

Alexandre Despaties, multiple world champion and bronze medallist at the 2004 Athenes games in diving will begin his quest for a gold medal this weekend. We also anxiously wait for the finals in rowing that have to be run this weekend. A couple of medals should come from this discipline. Also, the men's baseball team and the women's softball team are still in the hunt.

A little bit more patience is required and it is very important that we keep supporting our team.



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