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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brett Favre saga: The walls have ears.

After weeks of speculations and turnovers, the legendary quarterback was at Lambeau field yesterday for the opening of the Green Bay Packers training camp.

After being reinstated in the active players list by the league's president Roger Goodell, Brett Favre passed the team's medical with success yesterday and met with head coach Mike McCarthy for over five hours. McCarthy wanted to make sure that his player really wished to play this 2008 season without being a distraction for his team. A press conference was scheduled yesterday but was cancelled because of the lenght of the meeting between McCarthy and Favre.

Another press conference has been presented this afternoon and the word is after this meeting with the press that Favre and the Packers will part ways for 2008. According to the QB, his future is not within the Packers roster.

Now for my own personnal opinion on the whole subject.

Since the massive amount of money (around $20 Millions for two years) that was said to be offered by the Packers' GM Ted Thompson to keep Brett Favre retired has been revealed, makes me speculate on the whole situation.

What if the March retirement announcement by Favre was caused by the pressure applied by the team's General Manager Ted Thompson himself and not because of the players' wish to retire? I have been following the legendary quarterback's career since his NFL debut and I have no doubt about his will to play at least one more season. Especially after a great 2007 season and playoff run.

Favre has gone thru extremely emotional moments during the lenght of his career. For example, the game he played the day following the death of his own father a couple of seasons ago. The guy handled this very difficult situation with great class and cool not to mention his five star performance. After going thru this scenario, we cannot question Favre's cool temper and ability to deliver the goods in a tough situation.

So if we go back to Brett Favre's retirement press conference, we all remember his emotional breakdown while he was presenting his farewell to the members of the press. What could put the man in such emotional pain after going thru so much during his career? How about treason for an answer to this question? Did Brett Favre really wished to retire despite the fact that he still had one year to go to his contract? I really doubt it.

When a man of this stature signs a professionnal contract for a certain period of time, you can bet that he intend to be the man of his word and go all the way. So for what reason, other than treason, pushed Favre to retire in an emotional breakdown in March?

Ted Thompson's massive offer to keep him sidelined is only confirming my thoughts and speculations. The Packers GM wanted him out by any means necessary and likely succeeded after what we heard in today's press conference.

The Packers fans (and I am one of them) will not like where this situation is going. Some of them will boo Aaron Rodgers, some of them will hate Ted Thompson and some of them will boo the Packers and flee Lambeau field.

For myself, I despise Ted Thompson for wanting Aaron Rodgers at the helm so much. In a remote corner of my mind, despite being a hardcore ''cheesehead'' myself, something creeping inside my head makes me wish that the Pack sinks to the bottom of the division and miss the playoffs in 2008. I also wish to see Favre with a NFC North team.

Then, you guessed it, I would like to see Favre beat the hell out of the Packers next season. Just in hope to see Ted Thompson be thrown away like a no-good facial tissue.

I really am a torn up fan now.

(Picture: Lambeau field, Getty Images.)



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