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Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the games begin.

Today in Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremonies were presented. To finish the colorful ceremony that lasted a total of four hours, a runner with the Olympic torch, hung by wires at the very top of the stadium has lit the cauldron, the final official symbol that the games are open.

With the opening ceremony now behind us, we can now turn towards the sport and the (hopefully) clean competition. Politics and fighting should be set aside for those two weeks while friendship, goodwill and unity should prevail.

Sadly, some military activity broke out these last 24 hours in Ossetia between Georgia and Russia. The whole world is asking and working to establish a pause in fighting for at least the durantion of the Olympics. A report estimates about 1400 casualties in these last hours.

On a more sportive note, the objective for Canada is to rank 16th once the competition will close. It is an attempt to improove the 19th place achieved in Athenes in 2004. Ex-gold medallist, Sylvie Bernier, did not advance any number of medal as an objective. She simply stated since a few months already that the global performance matters and a 16th place or better will mean a success for the country.

(Picture: Canadian Press.)



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