Overtime!: A second top 20 finish for Patrick Carpentier.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

A second top 20 finish for Patrick Carpentier.

Patrick Carpentier is gaining valuable experience this season in the NASCAR Nextel series. After a difficult start of season, the pilot from Joliette, Quebec registered his second top 20 finish of the season when he finished in 18th place yesterday at the Brickyard.

Carpentier is more competitive as the season unfolds. He was forced to retire from only a couple of races as he generally finishes his races. After yesterday's results, Patrick Carpentier is now ranked in 36th place.

In addition to his increasing performances, Carpentier is now getting some respect around from the other drivers of the series. His cool and clean driving style allows him to stay away from crashes and from controversy.

When asked about his impressions on his NASCAR experience, Patrick's eyes illuminates. He was aware that he needed some time to learn the basics of stock-car racing, so he did not expect great results this season. But since last month, the experience is even more enjoyable with his pole position and the decent finishes. He wishes to be a part of the series for a long time as he really enjoys himself in the Nextel series.

To increase his experience level a bit quicker, Patrick also participated in a couple of Nationwide series events this season. This next weekend, the series goes to Montreal on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit for the NAPA 200.

The fans gathered around the circuit will have plenty to cheer about. Of course, Patrick Carpentier will be the crowd favorite. Last year, Carpentier finished in second place in the first edition of the NAPA 400. The result launched his NASCAR career.

The crowd will also have another favorite as they will see Jacques Villeneuve in action this weekend. Just like Carpentier, Villeneuve wishes to launch his NASCAR career with a good result in Montreal.

It will be the first time that these two drivers go head-to-head in competition. Who will finish on top? We will have an answer on the Gilles Villeneuve circuit this weekend.

(Picture: Patrick Carpentier, Getty Images.)



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