Overtime!: Emilie Heymans mimics Alexandre Despaties.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emilie Heymans mimics Alexandre Despaties.

After failing to win a medal in singles competition at her last two attempts on the 10 meters tower, Emilie Heymans handled the pressure and finished in second place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With a total of 437,05 points, Heymans splitted the two skeletal Chinese divers on the podium. In fact, before the last round of diving, Emilie was in first place by a small margin. But a perfect dive by Chen Ruolin of China was good enough for a gold medal for the 15-year-old diver. Wang Xin finished in third place.

The podium finishers can be described as being two childrens and a fully grown woman. The two Chinese divers' combined body weight does not exceeds Heymans' body weight. With that fact in mind, we can only admire Heyman's performance.

The Canadian diver wins her third Olympic medal in career after winning a medal at the synchronized diving competition in Sydney and Athenes.

Another Canadian was present in this final. Marie-Eve Marleau finished with a total of 332,10 points, good for a seventh place. It was Marleau's final competition in career.

(Picture: Emilie Heymans, Canadian Press.)



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