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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plekanec on a roll.

The Montreal Canadiens visited the New-York Islanders yesterday evening for the third game of a four games road streak. Tomas Plekanec scored 2 goals to give Montreal a 3-1 victory.

Montreal played a near perfect first period as they held the Islanders to a single shot on goaltender Christobal Huet. Tomas Plekanec scored his first goal during the first frame.

The Habs then lowered their intensity level during the second period, allowing the Islanders to knock at the door a couple of times. Huet kept the opponents scoreless with a couple of great saves during the second period. Then during a New-York man-advantage, Plekanec scored his second goal of the game, his 16th of the season. The Islanders have already allowed a league-leading 9 goals to their opponents as they were working on the power play.

Richard Park reduced the Habs lead to a single goal as he pushed a loose puck behind Christobal Huet. Montreal held on to that single goal lead until the final minute. Alex Kovalev registered his 20th goal of the season in an empty net.

A win is a win for Montreal but nobody should be impressed that the team defeated the Islanders. The 109 goals scored by the Isles this far in the season represents the worse offesive production of the league.

Montreal will travel to Atlanta to play the Trashers on thursday and end the four game road trip.

(Picture: Tomas Plekanec, Getty images.)



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