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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de France: more cleaning up.

The 2007 edition of the Tour de France will be mainly remembered for it's doping ejection and retirement festival. A second team went out on their own yesterday. The Cofidis team completely retired, Cristian Moreni was tested positive for testosterone forcing the team's decision. This is already the second team this year to retire completely of the competition.

Also yesterday the leader of the tour, Michael Rasmussen, has retired from the competition after being under pressure from the team's sponsors only 4 days before the finish. Under investigation, Rasmussen has been caught missing 2 drug tests in may and early june. He officially declared being in Mexico at that time as he was in Italy in reality.

A lot of doping suspicions hung over Rasmussen's head during this 2007 edition of the tour, the sponsor pressure forced him to leave a competition he was actually winning. Those last days have been tough on Rasmussen, the fans booed him during yesterday's stage as some even spitted on him as he was passing by.

As they are getting more and more sour, the number of fans diminished a lot as the tour went on. The competition ends this sunday in Paris. The number of competitiors has drastically fell and is almost forcing the competition directors to cancel the whole thing.



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