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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mixed nuts bag.

Before the start of the race, a chicane of the Nurburgring circuit that is now named ''The Schumacher S'' was inaugurated by Michael Schumacher himself. On board of a Ferrari cabriolet, he went thru the chicane for the cameras.

One of the most exciting F-1 race in years was run today on the Nurburgring circuit. Some rain interrupted the race, followed by a long dry condition scenario. Then the race shifted as another rainy episode for the last 11 laps shuffled the whole deck. The entirety of the race produced a lot of overtaking and collisions, all for the delight of the fans who had a great spectacle today.

At the end, Fernando Alonso on wet conditions got passed the race leader Felipe Massa to finish in first place. The two cars touched as they were both side-by-side. Massa tried to close the door but Alonso was somehow already pointing his nose in front. The two drivers had a bit of a heated conversation after the race behind the podium area in front of the cameras. But both settled down during the post-race interview.

Finishing on the podium, an uninvited Mark Webber in his Red Bull car. A very surprizing result for the struggling team that will now try to build on this result to give some momentum to their season. Red Bull get past Toyota and now challenges Williams in the constructors championship. With David Coulthard finishing 5th, Red Bull most likely had their best race of their young team history.

As for the points leader, Lewis Hamilton, this race was a nightmare as he struggled behind the pack all race long. A few times he made some spectacular overtakings, especially over Fisichella late in the race. But Hamilton was so far behind, that all his efforts were pointless. Hamilton missed the points finishing in 9th position. The worst result in his first F-1 season in career.

The drivers championship is now everybody's ball game from now on. There are 7 races to go until the end of this 2007 season.

Nurburgring Grand Prix top 10 finish:

Winner: Fernando Alonso (McLaren)
2-Felipe Massa (Ferrari) +8.120
3-Mark Webber (Red Bull) +1:05.6
4-Alexander Wurz (Williams) +1:05.9
5-David Coulthard (Red Bull) +1:13.6
6-Nick Heidfeld (BMW) +1:20.2
7-Robert Kubica (BMW) +1:22.4
8-Heikki Kovalainen (Renault) +1 lap
9-Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) +1 lap
10-Giancarlo Fisichella (Renault) +1 lap

Drivers championship after 10/17 races:

1-Lewis Hamilton 70 points
2-Fernando Alonso 68 points
3-Felipe Massa 59 points
4-Kimi Raikkonen 52 points
5-Nick Heidfeld 36 points
6-Robert Kubica 24 points
7-Giancarlo Fisichella 17 points
8-Heikki Kovalainen 15 points
9-Alexander Wurz 13 points
10-Mark Webber 8 points

Constructors championship:

1-McLaren-Mercedes 138 points
2-Ferrari 111 points
3-BMW-Sauber 60 points
4-Renault 32 points
5-Williams 18 points
6-Red Bull 16 points
7-Toyota 9 points
8-Super Aguri 4 points
9-Honda 1 point

(Pictures: Canadian press)



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