Overtime!: Alcine receives his belt.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Alcine receives his belt.

After winning the WBA super-middleweight title during the course of the last week, Joachim Alcine received yesterday his title belt. Right after the bout, Alcine was wearing Travis Simms' belt for the pictures but Simms took back his belt after the photo session. (a championship belt remains the possession of a boxer for all his life, when a new champion is crowned a new belt is made.)

So yesterday, Joachim Alcine received his own WBA belt from Guy Jutras, representing the WBA up here in Montreal. Alcine was also invited by the mayor of Montreal to sign Montreal's golden book earlier this week.

Alcine, 31 years old, said during the press conference that he will be a fighting champion and will defend his title against anyone that wishes a shot at his title.



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