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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hasta la vista, baby.

Yesterday evening, Arturo Gatti was totally dominated by Alfonso Gomez. The fight finally ended by a KO at the 7th round. Alfonso Gomez improoved his pro record to 17-3-2, adding the name of Arturo Gatti to his trophy case.

After the end of the fight, Gatti said on HBO that this fight was his last of his career. He also said: '' I was well prepared, worked hard but the result shows that at 35 years old I don't belong in the 147 pounds division anymore. Hasta la vista, baby.'' Then Gatti thanked the fans for the support during the lenght of his career.

Arturo Gatti was then transported to the Atlantic city hospital. His face, once again, was swollen from the shots he took during the fight. A sad end of career for a great champion.

Thank you Arturo for the great moments. May your next career be as successful as your boxing career.



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