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Saturday, July 14, 2007

No F-1 in Indianapolis for 2008.

Last thursday was the limit date set by the Indianapolis racetrack owner, Tony George, to come in an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone and the FOCA organization.

This week haven't produced any kind of agreement between the two parts. The United States Grand Prix could be presented either in the New-York area or the Las Vegas area in future seasons. Bernie Ecclestone himself wanted to try one of these two locations in the United States for a race. Lets wait and see if any of those locations will be chosen by the FOCA for next season, the 2008 season.

As for Tony George, he declared that he is open for future discussions with the FOCA for F-1 racing at Indianapolis in the future but the F-1 championship won't go in Indy for at least the 2008 season.

The Indianapolis racetrack hosted a F-1 race from 2000 to 2007. In 2005, the race was marked by the retiring of 14 of the 20 cars before the race due to a tire failure with the Michelin brand. A ridiculous race with only 6 cars made the fans angry asking for a refund.

At that time, June 2005, I was really upset about that race because only Ferrari refused to sign an agreement to at least present a race to the paying fans. You can see what I thought of that race in one of my first rant on this blog ever here.

(Picture: Canadian Press)



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