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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bonds, one away from Aaron.

Barry Bonds has hitted the 754th home run of his career yesterday and is now only a home run away from tying the legendary Hank Aaron's mark set at 755 home runs.

After weeks of hesitation, Bud Selig, the baseball's commish will be in attendance to at least witness Bonds' 755th home run in career.

We all heard of the doping suspicions surrounding Barry Bonds since a few seasons already. I personally would've liked if the MLB tested Barry Bonds for doping at random moments during last season and this season. But the MLB and Bud Selig have let the situation get worse and worse by not lifting a finger.

In reality Bud Selig doesn't wish to attend to the record breaking moment because of the doping suspicions over Bonds' head. The crowd reaction is mixed as cheering is as loud as booing when Barry Bonds appear at home plate. Many fans are already putting an asterisk (*) besides Barry Bonds' name inside their total home runs in career charts. As Selig's own reputation is already in a bad shape with all the ridiculous quotes and actions accumulated over the course of the last decade. He really wished not to be present for yet another controversial moment.

Sorry Bud! This is part of the job...

(Picture: Canadian Press)



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