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Sunday, June 03, 2007

No rust in my game.

I haven't played online Hold'em poker in a while and as I had nothing during this early sunday, I decided to enter a freeroll. I have just ended the tournament and finished in 6th place of the multi-table freeroll tournament I registered in. We played 3 hours to decide of a final table. Along with 460 other players,the tournament went with solid logical poker playing. No bad beats. Also, there was some timely efficient bluffing and stack bullying from the finalists. Even on the hand I got eliminated as I became short-stacked towards the end it was good. Just clean fun sunday morning poker.

My account was very low after I withdrew all my earnings on January 1st so these few bucks I won ($5) will once and for all insure me that I virtually cannot ever crash to $0. Unless I go crazy with all my account. I probably am one of the few lucky players among the millions around the world that never deposited a penny to earn cash playing online hold'em poker.

Again I do not break records, I am a respectable player, but anyway, I will have a total of $1000 in online hold'em poker earnings in a bit over a 2 year span at my favorite place. This year I didn't win a lot because of a lack of playing time.

Some rules towards online poker playing restricts some players in countries like the U.S. The legal ways to fund an accounts thru deposits and withdrawing of the winnings have also changed. Services like Netteller no longer accepts money transfers to or from online gambling sites.

Some debate and say that hold'em poker is not gambling. I tend to sometimes agree with them. All I have to add is that I had a lot of fun, and won some dough on this cloudy early sunday.



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