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Thursday, May 24, 2007

First contest!

There it is! First contest ever. And this one will go thru the overtime period.

The first period: Review this blog, plain and simple. Minimum 75 words and of course backlinks to Overtime!'s homepage along with sports blog and contest as keywords inserted in your review. Like my blog or not, review it honestly, tell what you think is good, tell what should be better. Even if you already reviewed it in the past, you are eligible. The winner will be drawn randomly with pictures of the drawing.

The prizes to be won for the 1st period: One 10$ CAD transfer thru Paypal. Or equivalent value check thru regular mail. The first period ends on June 30th. Once the review is done and is online on your site, ONLY leave your email address and the url of your review in this comment section below. Other chit chat will be deleted. Not reasonably qualified reviews, (under 75 words, no backlink, and so on) will also be deleted from the comment section.

If the comment count reach 50+, meaning there will be 50 reviewers of the blog and more, a second prize will be added and also randomly drawn. The more this contest brings people, the more chances you have to win.

The second period of the contest, different rules, and different prizes shortly after June 30th...

This contest is over! One contestant applied, so one winner! Of course no drawing was needed to declare a winner. :D



Blogger J said...

Wrote a review:

Email: blogdumpster@gmail.com

11:36 PM  

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