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Friday, May 25, 2007

PayPerPost launches PPP direct.

A whole new section called PPP Direct has been created in the PayPerPost system this week and it offers a way for advertisers and bloggers to cumminicate directly and negociate new offers.

Unlike ReviewMe who charges 50%-100% commission (keeping half of the advertiser money for themselves), PPP Direct will only charge 10% fee to the advertisers, which 5% of it is collected to cover Paypal fees.

PPP Direct now opens the possibility for any advertiser who reads a blog that would be interesting for his business, to directly contact that blogger and litterally hire him for one campaign or for a series of campaigns. The two parts can discuss and even negociate directly the details and terms of the campaign itself. For example: advertisers and bloggers have the possibility to negociate the amount charged for the campaign, the nature of the campaign,it's content, it's lenght, or any other point that needs to be discussed. At the end, the advertiser along with the blogger create optimized campaign for maximum performances and increased number of visits.

Look out for those PPP Direct badges as they will be installed on PayPerPost bloggers' blogs. Advertisers and bloggers are now only 1 click away at a way lower fee percentage than ReviewMe! Advertisers can now hire more bloggers for the same amount invested. How cool is that?


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