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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Habs and Andrei Markov.

The Montreal Canadiens and defensemen Andrei Markov right now are into negociations about an eventual next contract as Markov's current deal is due to expire in just days from now. How much the Montreal Canadiens want to pay and what will be the lenght of the contract offered to the russian defensemen? This guy should be top priority on Bob Gainey's desk.

Bob Gainey need (or maybe already has) some sort of plan as of the core he wishes and can afford to keep. There is roster movement already with the Habs as an ordianry young russian player, part of last season roster has just signed a contract in a pro russian league this week. Add the players that Gainey doen't want to re-sign and there will be open spots available this summer.

A blogger buddy that I read a couple times a week, Allan, placed himself in the shoes of Bob Gainey for a brief moment in his blog and would offer a $16 million 4-year deal.

I think his evaluation is pretty good. Markov is not that much money hungry in my opinion and could settle for $11 millions wrapped in a 3-year deal that I would put on the table as a first offer if I could also run the Habs. Heck, I would even throw in his contract a $1.5 Million bonus for a eventual Habs Stanley cup victory during the upcoming NHL 100th anniversary tournament or league format that would include the Montreal team. There are discussions for sure in the hockey world as I came across quite a few articles about such an event these last few weeks.

(Picture: My own Andrei Markov bobblehead :D)

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