Overtime!: Matt Roney suspended.
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Matt Roney suspended.

Matt Roney, 27 years old, a minor league pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization has been suspended for 50 games after he failed an anti-drug test.

With Syracuse in the AAA league, Roney played 10 games this season. He has a record of 2-0 and a ERA of 0.90. Roney has also registered 12 strikeouts. Sendy Vasquez from the Detroit Tigers has also been suspended for 50 games for the same reasons.

Unfortunately for Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds has not been suspended for doping and is getting closer to the 755 career home runs mark. The all-time MLB record for home runs in career will most likely be broken this season by Bonds.



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