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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dave Hilton-Adam Green: Who's buying a ticket?

This next tuesday Dave Hilton, 43 years old, is scheduled to fight Adam Green (12-4-0 6KO). Hilton, freshly released from La Macaza prison last June of 2006 after doing the 2/3 of his time.

Hilton was sentenced to a 7-year sentence at La Macaza prison in 2001 for repeated sexual agressions on both of his own daughters. Hilton purged 5 of his 7 year sentence, then was released under conditions on last June 19th 2006. Interviewed during his jail time, he was still denying the facts. During the time he was in jail, both of his daughters appeared in a few press conferences to reveal themselves, one of them a bit later published her version of the story in a book.

So Hilton was released last year, his last fight in career was his WBC super-middleweight title bout victory over Dingaan Thobela on december 15th 2000. A title Hilton never defended as he was stripped of his title because of the sexual charges on him.

Since his release from prison, a local old school boxing promoter, Regis Levesque, went back from his retirement to promote Hilton's ''two or three very lucrative fights''. Levesque even mentionned that ''Hilton could fight rising top rank contender (from Montreal also) Joachim Alcine in the third Hilton comeback fight.'' A last desperation shot from Regis Levesque. This man said since about a year that ''an Hilton-Alcine fight would sell 20, 000 tickets at the Bell centre.'' Levesque also said that ''his purse offer to Alcine would be too good to be refused.''

Well, first lets be serious.

As of yesterday, under 2000 tickets were sold for next tuesday's bout. A few vox-populi reports over the last few years showed that very few people were interested in seeing Dave Hilton perform in a ring ever again. So everyday normal people won't buy tickets, who will? Because there are tickets sold anyway. The place won't be sold out but there will be at least a couple hundreds or a thousand people in there anyway. What could possibly attract them in the event itself?

Who supports an ex-convict by buying a ticket?

(Picture: Adam Green, Regis Levesque, Dave Hilton. Canadian Press)



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