Overtime!: Ottawa and San Jose steals home-ice advantage.
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ottawa and San Jose steals home-ice advantage.

The Ottawa Senators scored 4 goals during the first period on Martin Brodeur and the New-Jersey Devils to win game 1 of their Eastern conference semifinal 5-4.

Both goaltenders were ordinary as a few bad goals on both sides were scored during the course of the game. Senators' goaltender Ray Emery didn't shut the door completely once the Senators took an early 4-0 lead as he let the Devils sneak back to 4-3 after 2 periods. Wade Redden scored early in the 3rd period, the game-winning goal. Both goaltenders won't be happy with their respective game 1 performance.

Ottawa Senators 5 - New-Jersey Devils 4
(Ottawa lead the series 1-0)

Western conference semifinal:

San Jose Sharks 2 - Detroit Red Wings 0
(San Jose lead the series 1-0)



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