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Friday, April 27, 2007

Arturo Gatti, one last time.

My favorite boxer ever and the favorite boxer of many other boxing fans from around the world, Arturo Gatti, will fight one last time in Atlantic city next July 14th. His glorious career shows 40 wins (31 by KO) and 8 losses.

During his career, Gatti won the USBA Super Featherweight Title, the IBF Super Featherweight Title and the Vacant WBC Light Welterweight Title. His stamina and determination gained many fans over the years. His ability to win fights with a single powerful punch and how he could win sometimes when he looked almost out of the fight was phenomenal and very entertaining. His determination was truly inspiring.

Gatti's trilogy with Mickey Ward is another thing to remember about Arturo's career as the first fight of the trilogy between the two fighters was named ''fight of the year'' in boxing. Those three exciting fights kept boxing fans from around the world on the edge of their seat. Boxing at it's best.

Gatti's opponent for this ultimate showdown is Alfonso Gomez, a participant from the first year of the TV show ''The contender''. Gomez has 16 wins in 21 pro fights.

I will miss Arturo Gatti as he was the most exciting boxer I have ever seen in my life. Good luck in this last fight and thank you for the memories Arturo!



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