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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Minnesota Vikings: More Offense Needed.

The Minnesota Vikings have lost their home opener to the Miami Dolphins this Sunday. Minnesota had many glorious chances to take the lead late in the game but failed miserably each and every time.

The Vikes have dropped their first two games of the season and the main reason for those two losses is the lack of cohesion on offense.

And as much as I love QB Brett Favre, I have to admit that he didn't help at all. Favre threw three picks last Sunday, two of those could have been easily avoided with just a little more discipline from the veteran. He was also stripped of the ball in his own end zone, resulting in the winning touchdown for the Dolphins.

If the first game of the season wasn't convincing enough about the Vikings' lack of offense, the loss at the hands of the Dolphins is. On at least three different occasions, the Dolphins stopped the Vikings on fourth down and short. Two of those were fourth down and goal to go.

Final score: Miami Dolphins 14 - Minnesota Vikings 10.

I know that once the game is over, it is easy to criticize the coaches' decisions to go for it on fourth down. But the Vikings should've gone for a couple of field goals instead of trying to go for a touchdown with their last two possessions of the fourth quarter.

With two FGs, the Vikings would have won this game and be in a lot less trouble. Minnesota will host the Detroit Lions in week three and desperatly need to win this one.

(Picture: Brett Favre, Canadian Press.)



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