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Monday, September 06, 2010

Back At Home.

I did not wrote anything on this blog in the last two weeks because of my trip to Florida.

I did not want any internet in my life during my vacations. That way I could really enjoy my time out there.

We made an enjoyable trip, after early bounces. First, the landing was made during a storm, not a pleasant ride. Then it went on for four days of 3-11PM showers and thunderstorms.

But after the rain, came the sun. A steamy, sticky and satisfying streak of ten days. I had to use Coppertone's FPS 70 during my second week. It really saved me from burning up. My weaklish FPS 30 spray I brought was no match for the sun.

So, I am back after a refreshing two weeks. Business as usual will resume here.

Enjoy your visit!

(Picture: Universal's Island of Adventure, Harry Potter's Dragon Challenge.)

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