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Friday, September 10, 2010

Favre: Difficult 20th Season Debut.

Brett Favre was at the helm for the Minnesota Vikings who faced the defending Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints in yesterday's NFL season kickoff.

Favre disputes a 20th season in the NFL this year, and it should be his last. The most amazing fact is that he was able to play this week after going through an important surgery only a couple of months ago.

The lack of pre-season practice with the new faces in the offensive squad costed Favre and the Vikings in this opening game. The Minnesota defense did it's part in order to win but the Vikes offense never got into high gear.

Final score: New Orleans Saints 14 - Minnesota Vikings 9.

With just a little more cohesion, the Vikings could have won this opening game. But let's see if Minnesota will bounce back in the coming weeks.

As for the Saints, a win at home in front of a loud crowd means back to business. The title defense could be tested in just a couple of weeks.

I cannot wait for my first NFL Sunday of the season.

A Happy season to all the football fans out there!



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