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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yummy fun from Dr. Oetker.

Dr. Oetker brings you a whole new way to cook and have fun with your kids, the Dr. Oetker shaker!

The shaker is really easy to use. Just add milk or water, shake and pour. It is the perfect item for any children birthday party or even your child's bake sale! You just leave milk and water on the table and let the fun time begin.

And why not add some beneful nutrients? There is absolutely 0 trans fat and it is also a source of fiber and prebiotics. This beats the good old cake full of trans fat and it is a lot more fun to prepare for the kids.

Unfortunatly for me, I have no kids yet. But my brother has two kids himself and I will strongly suggest the Dr. Oetker shaker for his next son's birthday. We actually had a birthday party for him just last month and we ate a huge cake... not really what the Dr. ordered!

I have no doubt that the shaker would have been a huge success with my nephew at his last birthday. He just turned three years old last month and he already likes birthdays and cupcakes.

I also have to mention Dr Oetker's shaker contest. You can enter every day for your chance to win a $1200 Visa Card for your next family fun party or 1 of 10 Dr. Oetker shaker fun pack. An exciting way to spread the word about this new product.



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