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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A comeback for Justine Henin.

Sixteen months after her retirement form the competition, the former No.1 player in the world, Justine Henin, announced this week that she will come back for the 2010 season.

The main reason for Henin's comeback is that ''the flame has lit up once again''. The lack of passion for the game of tennis was the main reason for her retirement in 2008, something that has come back in the late months according to the Belgian player.

Justine Henin's professional record is an impressive one. In a little less than ten years, she has won 41 WTA titles including 7 Grand Slam titles.

Her small stature was not an obstacle as she used to run down every ball on the court with speed while committing a low number of unforced errors. The news of her comeback will improove the already spectacular field of womens players. With the blooming of many young talent in 2009, the competition will be very fierce in 2010 on the womens' side of the court with the addition of Justine Henin.

Finally, Henin has been training seriously for about three months and she has re-hired her coaching/training staff. No detail is left unattended for this comeback.

I wish her a successful 2010 season.

(Picture: Justine Henin, Canadian Press.)



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