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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wanted: Football Superstars!

Is there any hardcore football fans around here?

We are looking for new football superstars for this massively multiplayer online game that is now open for registration.

So if you think you know all about the great sport of football and want to measure up with the best, then register to Football Superstars today. A brand new season is about to begin and it's your chance to register to this great new online game.

So what is Football Superstars? It's an online virtual world, designed by football fans and for football fans in which the players will be even able to re-create themselves online as a virtual footballer.

The new ''sport MMOG'' (massively multiplayer online game) category is evolving rapidly and this title is probably a pioneer in the genre.

With the possibility for the players to add themselves directly into the game, the power of attraction and addictiveness is higher than ever. It is a brand new way for ''sport gamers'' to enjoy their favorite sport. The graphics look to be of great quality, the many screenshots available on the website will proove it to you.

Don't delay, we are only a few days away from the official launch date! So get yourself registered to Football Superstars at www.footballsuperstars.com today and good luck to you all!

May the best player win, may the brightest stars shine!

Sponsored by Football Superstars


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