Overtime!: Bad news for Patrick Carpentier.
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bad news for Patrick Carpentier.

The hiring of Reed Sorenson by Gillett Evernham Motorsports racing team earlier this week will force Patrick Carpentier to find a new team for next year.

After a decent first season in the Sprint Cup series, Carpentier will have to look around for an open spot. A couple of options are probably available for him because there are other drivers that will be moving around at the end of the season.

I really hope that Patrick will find a spot in the Sprint Cup for next season. He has improoved all season long and the amount of experience gained this year will be precious in the balance in his search of a new contract.

The fact that he is not American is probably his worse ennemy. Many sponsors will prefer an American born driver. That is what happened with Gillett Evernham's sponsors when came the time to choose. The sponsors forced the team to choose Sorenson instead of Carpentier.

Let's wish good luck to Patrick Carpentier in his search of a new team.

(Picture: Patrick Carpentier's NASCAR Nationwide race car at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres.)



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