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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Never leave home without them!

If my pants could talk, how would they describe a typical day? My pants could tell you how they live a wonderful and eventful life.

''After comfortably resting a full night on a metal hanger in a warm and dry closet, my owner always makes sure that he has taken a shower before picking me up. Then, he is taking me outside for some exercise and some fresh air. While we are keeping ourselves fit, we meet all kinds of interesting pants and skirts all day long.''

''I suspect that my owner prefers short skirts because when we come across those, we usually spend more time around. We even occasionally go and dance with them all night long. My owner usually takes really good care of me. He avoids spilling food and drinks on me and regularly washes me with the gentle cycle. I do not understand why but the only time I ever find myself laying on the floor, it is after meeting and dancing with one of those short skirts.''

Okay, I will spare you some details here...

If you have a special story about your own pants, it could be featured in a TV commercial. A Dockers contest on NBC is currently open and the best videos who will be chosen will be featured in an upcoming Dockers TV commercial.


All you have to do is follow the Dockers contest link and get those cameras rolling. Maybe you and your pants will be featured all around the country. All the details of the contest are available at www.nbc.com/Dockers

Sponsored by Dockers


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